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Pre-Order Star Child - Fairy Tale Children's tea

STAR CHILD is a fairy tale tea blend made specifically for little one's. While you enjoy your cup of DeerWomen tea, so can they. 

A Fairy Tale tea little ones can sip during their own tea parties. For your Indigo children, this tea is gentle without caffeine and can help soothe and comfort a restless elf. It nurtures their immune systems and looks aesthetically pleasing -colorful and beautiful to excite their imaginations. 

Allowing children to take part in our Rituals, side-by-side with us so that they can gain the wisdom for creating their own...this makes a child feel special and unique by bringing them into the tea party and allowing them to have THEIR very own tea. 

Star Child Fairy Tale tea is perfect for a gift or curious kindred.  

For a light, delicious sparkling taste of magic, it can be served lukewarm or iced cold brew style.  

Please choose from the drop down menu your flavor preference:

Elderflower, linden, roses, chamomile, and peppermint. 

Rosehips, hibiscus and sea buckthorn. 

Liquorice root, cinnamon bark, sage, cloves and wild cherry bark.