Star Child - A Fairy Tale Children's tea

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STAR CHILD is a fairy tale tea blend made specifically for little ones. While you enjoy your cup of DeerWomen tea, so can they. 

A Fairy Tale tea you can both sip during their own tea parties. For your Indigo children, this tea is gentle without caffeine and can help soothe and comfort a restless elf. It nurtures their immune systems and looks aesthetically pleasing -colorful and beautiful to excite their imaginations. For a light, delicious sparkling taste of magic, it can be served lukewarm or iced cold brew style.  

Allowing children to take part in our Rituals, side-by-side with us so that they can gain the wisdom for creating their own...this makes a child feel special and unique by bringing them into the tea party and allowing them to have their very own tea. 

Commonly served in European regions, this tea contains sage for mental clarity and increased wisdom. As well as wild cherry bark for coughs and lung wellness. This tea is non-caffeinated, relaxing and eases stress. Star Child Fairy Tale tea is perfect for curious kindred and makes a fantastic gift. A great Spring and Summertime tea, cold brewed or warmed. 

Star Child contains licorice root, cinnamon bark, sage, cloves and wild cherry bark.

Not to be used if breastfeeding.