WonderCon2018 Deciphered for the DeerWomen - Day One

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This year DeerWomen attends WonderCon 2018 for all three days at the Anaheim Convention Center.

For those of you who cannot travel to California, can't fare the budget, suffer from malaise or just might be intimidated by the masses, we are bringing you the best of the show. Fresh artists, anime and comics to indulge your senses this Retrograde.

DeerWomen is scintillated by

*Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky


*Flying Witch - Reminiscent of Kiki's Delivery Service, Makato is a witch who must go out into the world to study magic after her 15th birthday. She has a cat Chito who accompanies her to stay with relatives and helps her keep her magic a secret.

 *Into the Badlands - Returning April 22 on AMC. The beloved martial arts scenes appear to be a combo of Wushu (Danny Wu) and a mishmash, of course, of Hollywood acting but the overall effect is pretty motivating. If you haven't seen it, you're going to want to catch up asap because this series returns very soon. 

*The Grand Opening of the Horror Museum in late 2018 (Hollywood) -Yes, please. Check out their Facebook page for more details. It's also pretty entertaining, filled with tidbits about classics such as The Shape of Water, Firefly, Dune, Severus Snape jokes and more. The Youtube video below shows the important names in horror who have shaped the genre and the plans for the museum. Aside from possibly the Museum of Death, Los Angeles doesn't have a horror museum, so this is extremely relevant and fascinating for monster lovers and creature kind. 


*Artist Kurtis Rykovich - Stunningly emotional portraits of our favorite recognizable archetypes, Kurtis captures each character in a new light. Whimsical and sultry, thought provoking and chilly. Pick up a "Voodoo Pack" of stickers (Morticia, Wednesday, Lydia, and Lilly) as DeerWomen did, a framed portrait for yourself or your child's bedroom. 


*SAGA Hazel & Izabel Action Figure 2 Pack by Skybound x McFarlane Toys - Adding to Alana & Marko, Hazel and the baby-sitter, Izabel were released at 10 dollars less at WonderCon because there is "only half of one of the figures". 

Come back soon for Day 2 & 3! 

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