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There are many methods of comfort for a woman’s Moon Cycle. Unfortunately, with more choices comes more confusion. Research a bit on the chemical, toxic, infesting ingredients that are contained in common brand manufactured tampons and you’ll immediately understand it’s important to make an educated decision on what method suits your individual needs and understand the importance of going all-natural.

The most popular brand of tampons being O.B. for fit and comfort, are made by an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson, and J&J also tests on animals. These following ingredients make for over-absorbency, fragrance and whiteness.

Rayon , Cotton Fiber , Polyester/Polyethylene Cover , Polypropylene , Cotton , Polyester String
The use of tampons is associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare but deadly condition. The exact causes are uncertain, but it is believed that because rayon is so absorbent it dries out the insides… The dioxins from the bleach used in most tampons may also be a factor, as the …presents a very quick route in to the bloodstream.

Most companies don’t give second thought to where they buy their cotton. It’s often filled with harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and/or herbicides. With exposure to more chemicals that promote physical maturity, woman are beginning to start their cycles earlier and earlier- as early as eight or nine. That’s a very long time to be putting such harmful chemicals and ingredients in your body, not to mention the waste it produces or the landfills that get filled up. Landfills of Blood.


What are sea sponges?

SEA SPONGES or Sea Pearls are beautiful: rumored to have been used by Cleopatra herself and simple, reusable and ecologically sound. As sponges they were once alive in the ocean and ruled by the moon – and a lady’s menstrual patterns are of course, lunar. Sea sponges don’t fill up landfills, have grown naturally, and inexpensive. It’s the intelligent method.

DeerWomen likes Jade&Pearl, a friendly, all-women company that has been selling products since 1974. If you order their Sea Pearls online, they will come with plenty of information and a nice, biodegradable package. Their website is informative, useful and sells many products that are nature-based and inspired at reasonable prices.  Pro Tip: It is also quite useful to sew a small red or black satin ribbon to the edge of a sea sponge.


For the worrisome, it may be useful to keep a few organic tampons around. Organic tampons are all-cotton, with no chemicals or bleaches and can be found in the local bio-shop. This is most relieving and improves quality of life.


Lunaception has been shared and passed down through the ages. Although not scientifically tested, it remains tested by women and proven most successful. It’s the practice of charting reactions and symptoms, sleeping in complete blackness aside from three days a month. This is believed to regulate cycles with the moons phases and develop a better flow of melatonin, the chemical that effects sleep.

In general it’s just best to sleep under moonlight. As recently as thirty years ago cities were not so bright and this could come naturally by only opening a window. Now, traffic, streetlights and light-up signs make artificial light and disrupt our bodies rhythms, sleep patterns and lunar followings.

Nightlighting. If you are lucky enough to live with a full view of the moon, it can switch your cycle patterns in synchronicity with the moon, as traditional women have done, who ovulated with the Full Moon and menstruated with the New Moon.

Moonlighting. Our bodies lunar response puts forth the fact that specifically the moon, celestial bodies effect just about every aspect of human life, including the menstrual cycle.

As women live less tribal and more individualistic, we should take note to share knowledge with ours sisters, friends and chosen tribes. Our bodies naturally sync when grouped with other women and this is just a small reminder of ancient ways, when women were earthly, tribal, instinctive, protective and passed wisdom down from generation to generation.


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