Beauty Rites and Recipes - Love Wijn & Eau de la Reine d’Hongrie

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She therefore makes a love potion rather than a death potion. The couple, Tristan and Isolde, drink the potion and are forever in passionate love. 

The story that is Eau de la Reine is legendary: “In the 14th century wrote an exclusive beauty drink of rosemary flowers to Isabella, the queen of Hungary. Isabella was 72 and weakened, but after a year long drink of the elite was used, she regained her strength and her beauty all the way back. She looked so beautiful and youthful that the King of Poland wanted to marry her. ”

1. Rozemarijnwijn / Rosemary Wine


100 gr (flowering tops) of fresh rosemary
20 cl Rum (+ – 40 °)
1 liter red wine
75 gr honey

Put the rosemary in a jar or bottle with broad neck of 1.5
Dissolve the honey in wine by heating at up to 40 ° – allow to cool.
Pour the wine through, along with the rum on the herb.
Allow 5 days soak – occasionally stirring or shaking.
Filter the liquid and place in sealed bottles.
Saves a minimum time span of one year.


"The exact date of the invention of Hungary water is lost to history. It is equally unclear who in particular created it. Some sources say that a monk-recluse who first gave it to Elisabeth, though most likely it was made by a court alchemist (who could also have been a monk, thus reconciling the two traditions). The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary (and possibly thyme) with strong brandy, while later formulations contain lavender, mint, sage, marjoram, costus, orange blossom and lemon.

According to these same legends Hungary water first appeared outside of Hungary in 1370 when Charles V of France, who was famous for his love of fragrances, received some.

Hungary water was known across Europe for many centuries, and until eau de Cologne appeared in the 18th century, it was the most popular fragrance and remedy applied. Similar to other herb and flower-based products, Hungary water was not merely (or even mainly) a fragrance, but also a valuable remedy; the early recipes advise the user to both wash with it and drink it in order to receive the most benefit."

In the story of "The Sleeping Beauty" by Charles Perrault, Water of the Queen of Hungary, the water is used as a restorative elixir.  

For the famous “Eau de la Reine” or “Eau de (la reine de) Hungary” there are many recipes, if anything more complicated as the years pass. Try these below and see what you think of their potency and results. 

The original recipe is found in the breviary of Isabella, the queen of Hungary: “Take the spirit of wine, four times distilled pure alcohol and approximately 950 cc of the flowers around 600 grams, put it all in a tightly closed (pot?) For the duration 2 ½ hours and distilling it into a flask au-ber-marie.”

Then you take it in the morning, 4gr in a drink -once a week. Every morning wash it on your face and rub it in your weak limbs. Because almost no one at home distills anymore, below you may follow some “modern” versions of the recipe:

Recipe 1: Eau de la Reine d’Hongrie


40 gr flowers and leaves of the rosemary bush 
10 gr lavender flowers 
2l gr alcohol 40 °

Add all this together and let this month for a soak. Keep it in a dark place. 
This preparation can be both internal and external use.

If you want to drink, add 4 g of the Eau de la Reine to another beverage or liqueur. 

Recipe 2: Eau de la Reine d’Hongrie

The following recipe is probably far from the original.It is intended as a facial lotion astringent, rather than as a perfume.

  • 6 parts lemon balm
    3 parts comfrey root 
    5 parts chamomile
    1 (one!) part rosemary (the only traditional ingredient that was specified)
    3 parts gold petals
    4 parts rose petals
    1 part lemon peel
    1 part sage


Put the herbs in a glass pot, and pour apple cider vinegar with the herbs until they are completely under. Close the pot and leave for three weeks to draw a hot spot. 
Drain the infusion and measuring the amount of liquid obtained, add more herbs and vinegar and repeat if necessary.

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