Sirènes Elixir - Vitality Sea Tea

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Silky Bitters for youth, vitality and energy from the sea.

This is a unique tea, blended with silky Arame seaweed, traditional yerba maté, clove, cinnamon, algae & Spirulina. Good for the skin, balanced energy, incredibly nutritious and a great way to bring the ocean into your mug. The taste is smoke & salt.

The most beautiful women are born by the ocean, because the oceans contain the nutritious content needed to maintain healthy skin, bones & flowing hair. Truly a tea made for Aphrodite and every sea Goddess. 

Contains vitamins A, E, K, B & calcium & Iodine.

Green tea requires cooler water than black tea for brewing. Recommended to filter spoon or drink with filter straw.

This Sea Tea is made from Arame seaweed, yerba maté, cloves, cinnamon, algae & spirulina. 

Loose leaf, comes in a beautiful reusable medicinal jar.