KA - a Spirit Blend for depression & postpartum

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KA is the supposed spiritual part of an individual human being or god, which survived (with the soul) after death and could reside in a statue of the person. 'Ancient Egyptians believed that death occurs when a person's KA, leaves the body.' 

This is a Spirit "tea", meaning it is created to nourish your soul. It is crafted with the purpose to calm & soothe the mind & body. Tranquilizes lightly, to sip by candlelight when in a blue mood or just when you want a moment of lightness to ebb and flow into sleep. When taken ritually daily, there will be a shift. It can help the brighten the outlook, turn thoughts into lighter matter and restore a sense of purpose and clarity where there was none before. 

This tea is inspired by time spent in Cairo & Alexandria in Egypt, and the Mother Goddess of Protection, Isis. Isis used powerful magical spells to help people in need. Her magic was greater than other Egyptian Gods and she was the most widely worshiped of Egyptian deities. She would often help guide people to the afterlife and Egyptians invoked her name in healing spells for maternal aid. 

Isis had an esoteric connection to the Lotus flower. Lotus is sacred and the mother of all flowering plants, with a standard esoteric symbolism across all ancient cultures. The lotus, as described in Magical texts and hieroglyphs, magically aids the regeneration of the deceased. 

Motherwort is a miracle herb. Not to be confused with Mugwort. Motherwort is for all doulas, midwives, birth workers and Mothers as it is traditionally given to relax a woman's womb for labor, bring on a delayed menstrual cycle and treat depression. It makes a great gift for any woman who has recently birthed a child, is suffering postpartum or depression to restore KA. 

Organic Motherwort, Passionfruit flower, Lotus flowers, rosehips, French lavender blossoms, hibiscus, crushed dark berries. 

'All women are Isis and Isis is all women‘

Drink deeply.