Little Elves Elderberry - Seasonal

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 Little Elves Elderberry (Sambucus)

Also called Common Elder, Black Elder, Witch Wood and Old Mother Elder, Elder has been used since the Egyptians and has a long history in folk remedies. A tree that was feared for it's association with The White Goddess, it was suggested to only cut the tree in broad daylight after asking permission and leaving an offering. 

The flowers and berries are often used to make cordials, elderflower champagne and elderberry wine and the fruit can be used in jam, pies and syrup/elixirs. 

"From 1943 to 1947 the poet and historical novelist Robert Graves wrote his classic and seminal work The White Goddess: A Historical Grammer of Poetic Myth. In his book Graves formulated what he called the Celtic Tree Alphabet based on 5th Century CE Irish Alphabet Ogham, allegedly invented by the God Ogma...

Today the Tree Alphabet has been influenced by both the neo-pagan revival and modern witchcraft." - The Witches' Herbal 

Elderberry or elderflower wine is the traditional witches drink during the gathering at Sabbats, and elderflower champange on Midsummer Eve. 

A traditional, healing organic elderberry elixir made with wild Belgian elderberry, violets. Made without honey, it is can be used for your child. 

Elderberry is known for preventing colds, flu and building the immune system. Helps prevent and get rid of colds and flu if taken within the first 48 hours. Little Elves Elderberry Elixir is delicious and can be poured in champange, wine or on pancakes. 

Safe for babies 6 months+.

6oz in a reusable glass jar.