Dellamorte Dellamore - 24k Black Amaretto Tea

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Reusable Medicinal Jar Glass


Named and inspired by the woeful, everlasting love in between held in graveyards and verdigris ossuaries. Inspired by the most incredible sculptures, Trevi fountain and culture when travelling through Italy. 

The original title Dellamorte Dellamore is a word play in Italian, della morte (spelled as two separate words) meaning "of death," and dell'amore (again, spelled separately)meaning "of love."

Deep, richness plucked from the catacombs, this outstanding blend will indulge your senses with it's sweet almond aroma and deep taste. Infused with edible 24k gold leaf, inspired by Japanese warriors and their tea before battle.

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Organic Black tea leaves infused with Italian Amaretto liquor, cacao husks, edible 24 karat gold leaf and a kiss of rose petals.