OCULTA - Herbal Talisman

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A way to carry a talisman within you. 

Oculta means to hide. This tea will help you stay hidden within yourself, to find protection and solace in your journey. A perfect tea for the introverted soul or isolating for creating.

Strong Earl Grey tea paired with soothing, delicate lavender and Master of the Woods. This now has butterfly pea flower to give it a beautiful blue shade.  Perfect for curling up under a thick blanket on a foggy afternoon near the fireplace, long forest walks and getting lost in thought and comfort. This can be brewed over ice as well.

Lavender is used for the invitation of the spirits, luck in love and is a main ingredient in mummification. Bergamot (Earl Grey tea) is for empowerment and courage.

Master of the Woods or "Reine des bois", which means Queen of the Woods is used for personal strength and a commanding presence. Basically for an "upper hand" in a situation where you may feel powerless or need to Master. 

Makes an exquisite cup of Lavender London Fog tea latte for sweeter tastes. We chose to use hemp milk, but you can replace with almond, soy or animal.


1.5 teaspoons DeerWomen's OCULTA

1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 cup nut milk
pure vanilla extract
2 teaspoons maple syrup