Blood Tea and Red String & Seed in the Sand 2018

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Blood Tea and Red String is an exquisite, heavily symbolic fairy tale full of heart and years of work. Passion and proof is in every rich detail in this stop-motion animation that leaves images burnt into the skull. It's something to place behind you on a television screen on repeat, after viewing it over and over because you'll still catch something you missed before or get a shock wave of understanding. 

The brief concept in this adult- fairy tale is about a group of aristocratic, red-eyed white mice who commission The Creatures who Dwell Under the Oak  to create a wondrous doll. When the Creatures finish the doll, they are entranced by their creation, fall in love and refuse to give her up. The mice resort to thievery and so much more.The age old tale of a beautiful woman and the cruelty of beauty. 

Frog magicians, carnivorous flora, gloriously wicked tea parties and the magick of symbolism lace this adult fairy tale with tinges of sadness, creepy carnival-like joy and poetry that fills the heart with an understanding of humanity through these creatures. 

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If you're a fan of The Holy Mountain, reader of Women Who Run with the Wolves or Carl Jung's Man and his Symbols, you'll understand this film and also fall in love. We suspect you've already seen it's cult deliciousness. However, if you have not - that's quite okay. There will plenty of cure for the cravings that soon come after viewing Blood Tea and Red String with the new film in the trilogy being released. 

Here is the preview for the 2nd film in the Trilogy. It starts where Blood Tea and Red String left off. 



Find Filmmaker Christiane Cegavskel HERE

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