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Sirènes Elixir - Sea Tea

A blend of smoke & salt from the Ocean.  

This is a unique tea, blended with silky Arame seaweed, traditional yerba maté, clove, cinnamon, algae & Spirulina. Good for the skin, balanced energy, incredibly nutritious and a great way to bring the ocean into your mug. The taste is smoke & salt.

The most beautiful women are born by the ocean, because the oceans contain the nutritious content needed to maintain healthy skin, bones & flowing hair. Truly a tea made for Aphrodite and every sea Goddess. 

Contains vitamins A, E, K, B & calcium & Iodine.

Green tea requires cooler water than black tea for brewing. Recommended to filter spoon or drink with filter straw.

Sea Tea made from Arame seaweed, yerba maté, cloves, cinnamon, algae & spirulina. 

Loose leaf, comes in 6 1/2 oz reusable glass jar.