Aker Fassi - lip & cheek stain
Aker Fassi - lip & cheek stain


Aker Fassi - lip & cheek stain

Aker Fassi is the Berber woman's lipstick. A natural, vegan terra-cotta lip stain for your cheeks and lips from Moroccan traditions. 

Created from pomegranate and poppy petals, this sensual stain is a perfect way to reconnect to natural beauty rituals. Giving you a bewitching flush to your skin with no chemicals needed. One pot will last much longer than one tube of lipstick.

To Apply:

Use a lip brush dipped in rosewater or your choice of hydrating oil (jojoba works well) and then dip the brush into the pot's core. Apply to lips, dap and blend into cheeks lightly. A little goes a very long way. 

You may also use your fingertip, however proceed with caution as it will leave a stain for hours. 

Made in Spain.

Photos: Ashley Joncas

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