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DeerWomen has collaborated with THE ENCHANTRESS Katelan Foisy, the "mistress of magic" for the Ostara season!

Katelan is a modern witch. A gifted illustrator, writer, tarot reader and more, she is clearly an instrument for connecting to other worlds. Aside from her outer beauty, Katelan has in inner spiderweb of esoteric knowledge that is conveyed in her artwork.

Her stunning artwork invokes spellcasting through symbolism and techniques such as paper dolls and shadow mastery that are often forgotten and overlooked today. Each piece she makes is individual and it is no wonder she is the muse for many, including Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. She designed the cover artwork and merchandise for WPC, his solo album. 

She is the author of Blood and Pudding, a memoir. She is also currently offering a retreat, LA VIE EN ROSE - Dreams, Rituals and Enchantment in the Crescent City. April 22-26th in the French Quarter. More information can be found HERE

You can find more of her artwork HERE as well as inside each DeerWomen order placed during the Ostara season. 



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