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DeerWomen Pre-Order

Seasonal flowers, herbs and conditions may cause for Teas to be discontinued after a release. Because our teas are wild-crafted and sourced from travels and organic farms, we produce in small batches. 


We allow our DeerWomen to pre-order Teas in advance of their release to guarantee their blends. Each item lists an estimated six weeks of delivery. 

Pre-Order Dellamorte Dellamore - Black Amaretto Tea


Black tea infused with the essence of Italian amaretto liquor, gold leaf, and the kiss of jasmine and rose petals. Named and inspired by the woeful, everlasting love in between held in graveyards and...

Pre-Order Star Child - Fairy Tale Children's tea


STAR CHILD is a fairy tale tea blend made specifically for little one's. While you enjoy your cup of DeerWomen tea, so can they.  A Fairy Tale tea little ones...

Pre-Order OCULTA - Ritual Tea